From Uncertainty to Clarity: How to Find Your Next Purposeful Move After Losing A Spouse

Widows can move from surviving to thriving in their journey with grief by joining hope*widows to build a life that is intentional in growth.

Find healing, purpose, and connection with a supportive community of women who understand what you're going through.

Losing a loved one can be a devastating experience, and the journey through grief is a lifelong one. It's easy to feel isolated and alone, but at hope*widows, we believe that healing and growth happen in community.

Welcome to hope*widows- a community to help widows thrive in midst of grief and loss. We believe that the journey through grief is a lifelong one that is done in community, not isolation.

It can be easy to get caught up in the isolation that follows the loss of a loved one.

However, we are called to bear one another's burdens and to love well– which is why community is key.

At hope*widows we're a supportive group of women who are all on a similar journey. Our community offers resources, weekly teachings, and a safe space to share your heartache with others who understand.

Are you ready to take strides in moving through grief with intentionality?

It is common for those who face loss to struggle with moving forward and onward in a manner that is intentional and practical. The two extremes are run through life without processing your emotions or letting emotions keep you isolated.

At hope*widows you will:

  • Find a safe space to connect with other widows

  • Share your heartaches, ask questions, seek help, and everything in between.

  • Find renewed purpose and move from surviving to thriving

We offer resources, weekly teachings, and a roadmap to help you journey forward with intentionality.

Hope*widows is part of the hope*media network.

When you join hope*widows you instantly gain access to:

  • A member library with steps to thrive.

  • Weekly live guest expert teaching every Tuesday at 1pm ET. Experts include thought leaders and practitioners of grief and widowhood, biblical teachings, educators, and more. Learn from experts who are ready to dive into topics and conversations that will help you move closer towards thriving.

  • A private member community, where you can ask questions and receive the support you need as you build your business. Being a widow can be lonely and isolating, our online community is here to support you every step of the way.

  • ​Coaching and small groups called hope*circles for accountability to support your journey in moving through the seven stages to thrive.

Hope*widows features these amazing guest teachers:

If you feel like:

The widow who doesn’t know where to start

The widow who wants a community

The widow who feels guilty about moving forward

The widow who feels alone

Then it is time to join hope*widows to take strides to thrive with a community by your side.


There's a proven path to move from surviving to thriving at hope*widows.

Meet your hope*widows host, Tricia Thirey

Tricia knows the pain first hand of losing a spouse. She knows that it can be one of the most difficult experiences in life. However, she knows and wants us all to know that healing and growth are possible. Tricia's story of losing her beloved husband to brain cancer is heart-wrenching and devastating, especially as a young widow with three young children. She knows firsthand the overwhelming pain and grief that comes with losing a spouse and the challenges of raising children alone.

Tricia's mission is to offer support and understanding to other widows who are going through a similar journey, reminding YOU that you are not alone in your grief and that there is hope for the future.

Tricia is a widowed mama of three who lives in Texas. She lost her husband to brain cancer in 2017 just one year after he retired from the military. She teaches graduate school while homeschooling her three kids and loves learning about the Lord and sharing all that He is teaching her. She and her kids love to travel. She is blessed enough to have family and friends all across the country and enjoys visiting them whenever she gets the chance.

Tricia learned a lot about choosing joy during her husband’s four and a half year battle with cancer. She is passionate about encouraging others to put their hope and trust in a God who can make the sun shine again even when the world seems immeasurably dark.

Would you consider joining us today?

Learn how to thrive in the hope*widows community. In hope*widows, a community based site, we are dedicated and committed to help you go from isolation to thriving. Whether you are brand new widow or have been walking this journey for a while, you have a place in this community.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Sign up today and walk away with encouragement, confidence, and accessibility to a community, industry experts, and a clear path to thrive.

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Are you nervous about taking the bold leap? Reach out to our amazing support team to ask all of your burning questions or head over to @hope.widows on Instagram to find out more from your host, Tricia.

Take a journey with us…

Imagine logging onto your computer knowing you have a group of women who you will instantly connect with.

Not just connect with online– but you can start to facilitate relationships that can become in-person relationships.

Imagine learning practical steps to moving forward through the tricky cycle of grief.

Grief is messy. We know that.

But with expert teachers, with a community that is supportive, and opportunities to connect and thrive above and beyond…

We believe that you can truly go from survival mentality to one that is truly thriving.

If you still have questions...

...we have ANSWERS!

Where do I watch the teachings?

You will watch our live teachings in Circle- a private and personal community that you instantly gain access to upon joining. If you miss a live teaching, don’t worry! You have access to all video teachings in your member library.

How do I get to know other people?

We are so excited to announce that our community is on Circle- a platform to help you interact with your hope*widows community AND other communities that are part of the hope media network. There are different chat boards you can join and be a part of so you can interact with other members from around the world.

What if I join and it's not for me?

Unfortunately, since we are a content based community, and immediate access to the trainings and community is provided, we do not offer refunds.

Who is hope*widows for?

Hope*widows is for the widow who desires to navigate grief in a community of Christian women seeking to live a thriving life after loss.

Is hope*widows Christian?

At hope media network we uphold Christian beliefs and values. hope*widows is a community where Christian widows are welcome but we also welcome other backgrounds.

If you want to go from:

Isolation → Community

Confusion → Clarity

Surviving → Thriving

Then hope*widows is the community for you.

Come as you are and be met with grace and celebration. We are so excited to share such a sacred space with you. You are meant to blossom with new and abundant life.

Join on membership community for clarifying expert teaching, abundant community, and a flourishing path to thrive that meets you where you are.

You can move from surviving to thriving in your journey with grief by joining hope*widows to blossom in your intentional life of growth.

Join hope*widows today.

Don’t wait to take the step to thrive.

It’s time to take steps together.

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